Mel da Anta was selected as the Best Honey in Spain by the Consumer and User Organisation (OCU) in 2015.

Galician honeys have organoleptic characteristics recognised by the European Union.

Our conventional honey is the one we’ve been producing for over 30 years. A honey that stands out for its excellent quality and for coming from unspoiled Galician landscapes. The honey we harvest is always raw, as it is not subjected to heat treatments or filtering in any part of the process, thus maintaining all the richness and added value of the pollen particles. It is marketed under the Indicación Xeográfica Protexida Mel de Galicia denomination.

Our raw organic honey, protected by the Galician Regulatory Council for Organic Agriculture, is that which we obtain by cold centrifugation. It comes from a remote unspoiled mountainous area of Galicia.

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Honey collection process