We have always combined tradition and innovation to obtain honey and pollen of excellent quality, 100% raw and natural.

Honey of our beehives with difficult access, located in the natural reserves of O Caurel and Ancares.

Toca Honey

Our family’s love affair with bees dates back to the 1800s.

30 years ago, our founder David Corral decided to dedicate his life to bees, his great passion, creating the Mel da Anta project and the values that sustain us: the protection of bees, respect and conservation of natural heritage and the biodiversity of species of our unique environment, in the virgin landscapes of the mountains of Galicia. His work was recognized by the ecological defense association of Galicia with the OSYXENE 2006 award.

We are beekeepers

Our hives are located in apiaries of difficult access, in uninhabited places and far from conventional agriculture. They are located at more than 600 meters of altitude in the mountains of Galicia, mainly in the natural reserves of O Caurel and Ancares.

Our hives do not receive chemical treatments and we only seal and use our own certified beeswax, which guarantees us total control of the health of our apiaries.

Our bees are not fed, they feed on their own honey.

The best Organic honey in the world in 2020

Awards have confirmed what many of our customers had been telling us for years: our organic honey is the best in the world.

And the mission of TOCA honey is to offer a high-quality natural product
that helps stimulate and preserve the environment in Galicia’s natural reserves through sustainable beekeeping.

The honey we harvest is always raw since it is not subjected to heat treatments or filtering in any part of the process, thus allowing it to keep all the richness and added value of the pollen particles.