Organic chestnut pollen


Action against choresterol
Lactic ferments

Among the monofloral bee pollen varieties, chestnut is one of the most valued for its high content of antioxidants.

The Chestnut pollen also contains, for example 95%, of the antioxidants in the green tea leaf. Besides its high fibre and lactic ferments content, chestnut pollen is especially recommended for regulating bowel movements.

Toca ́s chestnut bee pollen is free from any chemical preservation (unlike other kind of organic bee pollens) and it is vacuum packed to ensure its quality and preservation.



The honey bees living in Ancares and Courel collect this monofloral pollen variety, unique due to its rich content in antioxidants, fibres and lactic ferments. Among all, chestnut bee pollen is a rich natural source from all the essential aminoacids. The pollen is packaged fresh and free of chemicals.

  • bees collect pollen to the hive

  • pollen trap

    We alternate short periods using the trap, to allow the bee to keep a healthy hive.

  • Collected pollen is carefully filtered

    When the pollen arrives to our instalations, We need to proceed it.